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  • Committee Information

    1 Overview of Committees
    If you have any general questions which your not sure whom to ask, take them to your designated Shift Steward and they will either get your answer or advise as to what committee you need to address. Also, if you have any general complaints/ideas/etc.. take those to the Shift Stewards. The Shift Stewards will take those items to the Executive Board, that's why you elected them, to represent you at the shift level.
    No questions will be answered directly at a local meeting without being passed to the appropriate committee first. If any items get brought to a committee which you reside on, please copy all committee members on all information regarding the topic. The committee chair person is responsible for giving report at local meetings.
    All committees should copy the President with any transfer of information regarding their committee (questions/answers/meeting dates/times/locations/etc..), the President is an Ex-Officio (By virtue of office or position) member of all committees.
    I hope this clears up a lot of questions as to why so many committees were established.
    Election Committee
    Handles elections of L4270
    Contact: Romadka, Laney, Buchan
    Financial Affairs
    Financial Affairs - Treasurer Cresto/Ken Berger (trustee)/Dan Reimer (Trustee)
    -any questions pertaining to how much money is left for any specific budget line item, inquiries about monthly dues, balances in local accounts(checking/savings/debit), local IRS tax filing, local per capita tax/audit to IAFF, other committee requests as to what their budgeted balance is at any time/etc...
    Contact: Treasurer Cresto
    Grievances - Vice Pres. Todd Conwell / Shift Stewards (Chris Buchan - BLACK, Ken Berger - RED, Stew Romadka - GOLD)
    -any questions pertaining to discipline, contract issues, employee rights.

    Contact: Vice President Conwell
    Honor Guard


    Contact: Brian Crabtree
    Local 4270 Sergeant at arms
    Contact: Adam Meyer
    Member Welfare
    Member Welfare - Secretary Boomsma / Scott Bukowski
    -any questions regarding approval to attend any union seminars/training/classes/meetings, forms to fill out for requests, ideas or questions regarding 4270 fundraisers, ordering local union clothing/gear, questions pertaining to reimbursments & forms for approved attendances.
    Contact: Tim Boomsma
    Negotiations of CBA
    Contact: Kevin Lenz
    Political Action Committee
    Contact: Chair-Romadka, Ciara
    Political Action Committee

    PAC- Chair Stew Romadka, Brandon Ciara

    Contact: Stewart Romadka
    Public Relations
    Public Relations - Treasurer Cresto / Adam Shefcik
    -any questions regarding posted union events (where to find the posting), getting approval to attend any other local union fundraisers, forms to fill out for requests, questions pertaining to reimbursments & forms for approved attendances, Local 4270 PAC Fund distributions, questions regarding any offical 4270 public comments/editorials/interviews/etc..
    Contact: Jim Cresto
    Health and Safety -   Secretary Boomsma / Todd Conwell / Adam Shefcik / Ken Berger
    -any job related safety issues.
    Contact: Tim Boomsma
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